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Retrospect 7.5 and pcpds.exe

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Appears to have solved the problem for me, too. Thanks very much. Is there anything you can say by way of explaining what happened that might be intelligible to ordinary mortals?

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So I just ran the retro hotfix update & no dice. ...re-read this post & sure enough, it doesn't tell me to run the retro update -- it says download a new beta installer.


...But my current setup has been rock solid for quite a while & I don't want to disturb it (and this NT4 box is very low priority so I'm not chomping at the bit).


So, will an upcoming hotfix take care of this issue? ...or is re-installing the server (I assume run the installer & it installs over the original) really that fool full-proof. ...and if so, is the above beta link still the latest?


...or am I overlooking something obvious? ...or should the hotfix actually have worked?


Server Specs:

XP Pro fully updated

Multiserver: 7.5.508

Hotfix level:


Client Specs:

NT 4

IE 6

with latest ms updates (as of 4/11/08)

Retro Client 7.5.116

both server & client have been rebooted...


[color:green]PS I like the new forum - significantly better[/color]

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adding client specs, commenting about new forum look

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You can either install the beta version or wait until a final release. I do not know the date for the final release.

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Can you tell me if this issue is fixed in 7.6.111 release ? I need to backup an old nt4 sp6 server and I'm getting this issue.


If it is fixed when will a fix be released for the UIR problem with this release. I need this also so don't want to upgrade to fix one issue but break another used feature.





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