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Error -557 (transaction already complete)

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I did a search for this error, and if there is a solution for it, I didn't find it smile.gif


Here is my problem. I'm running:

Windows Server 2003 Version 5.2 Service Pack 1

Retrospect is Single Server 7.5.251


I have one laptop out of 15 or more that has this error. The rest are fine. This laptop reports this error every time Retrospect tries to hit it. I got 400 emails this weekend from this error. 3 emails every half hour.


The first email says "Can't access volume Local Disk (C:) on SY10664 - Bob Simpson, error -557 (transaction already complete)"


The second email says "From Retrospect: Script "Mobile Backups-Acct&HR" failed during automatic execution, error -557 (transaction already complete). Please launch Retrospect and check the log for details."


The third email just says script incomplete.


When looking at the log, it says:

Can't access volume Local Disk (C:) on sy10664 - Bob Simpson, error -557 (transaction already complete)

2/18/2008 4:23:13 AM: Execution incomplete


Anyone have any ideas computergrem1.gif


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What operating system version is the laptop running?


The current version of Retrospect is 7.5.508. You may want to update.

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It happened once over a week ago and then it stopped. I'm not sure why it took this long to reoccur, but it backed him up today. After I initiated a backup it made me think it has only happened over a weekend. I got several errors last time over a weekend & it stopped. The this weekend the same thing


I'm trying to get the server access to the net so I can update it, but so far no luck. It is being blocked so it can not get out. As soon as it is given access I will update. Thanks for the heads up on that one.


I'm sure it will happen again & if I find out anything new I will post.

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I'd like to post here about a self-medication I had for this error, in the hopes of helping.


My problem is different from the original poster, but the -557 "Transaction Already Complete" error is the same.


Running MultiServer 7.6.123, I received an error on an OS X Client, running version 6.2.234


The client would fail on backup every time, with the same error. Eventually, watching the backup closely, I determined what the file it was failing on was. Luckily for me the file was an Audiobook .aa file, which my company doesn't have to backup by policy, so I moved it to a folder that wasn't backed up, and henceforth the backups completed successfully.


In the future, it would be helpful if Retrospect logged which file it was choking on.

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We also got this error with one XP client computer. It turned out to be a conflict with two firewalls running on the computer. We have Symantec Endpoint that includes a firewall. We normally have the Windows firewall disabled, but for some reason it got re-enabled on this computer. After disabling the windows firewall, we removed the client from retrospect and then added it again. This cleared up the -557 backup error and an error we got trying to view the volumes for that client in Retrospect. Hope this helps anyone running into this in the future.

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Anyone else have any ideas? I've got this same problem on several different setups but most often with systems having these versions: and 7.7.341 x64


It sure would be nice to know what file(s) it chokes on because I can get the problem to repeat at the same apparent spot. And FWIW, I have the problem restoring an complete disk to a new destination drive, whether or not there's any data on the destination. Here's the full error log:


+ Restore using New Script at 12/21/10 (Activity Thread 1)

12/21/10 00:30:01 : Connected to BubbaMacPro

To volume BubbaMac 500GB on BubbaMacPro...

- 12/21/10 00:30:01 : Restoring from RS8 Daily Backup Set 7, Snapshot BubbaMacPro, 12/20/10 22:00:01

> !Trouble writing files, error -557 ( transaction already complete)

12/21/10 01:57:03 : Execution incomplete

Remaining: 982526 files, 202.1 GB

Completed: 157651 files, 12.2 GB

Performance: 236.6 MB/minute

Duration: 01:27:02 (00:34:15 idle/loading/preparing)


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