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SQL Server Backup Options

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Hi All,


We are running Retrospect Multi Server Version 7.5.387 with Driver Update and Hot Fix Version on a Windows 2003 Server.


We have the SQL Server add-on and I have been backing up DB's with out any issues. I have noticed however that our Log files are becoming quite large. In investigating the issue it appears I may not be backing up our DB's correctly.


I have not done a log backup, which explains the problem. I currently do a full backup once a week and differential backups for the rest of the week.


I read a post on this forum suggesting that a log backup should be done immediately after the full backup. http://forums.dantz.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/48525/an/0/page/5#Post48525


My question is should I be running a log backup instead of the differential or should i be including a log backup with the differential or should i do a full backup immediately followed by the log backup and just continue differential backups for the rest of the week? What are others doing in this situation?

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Ok, so it seems I have to provide my own advice on this forum. Can someone please look over this schedule and tell me if it will work and not cause any problems... in particular when it comes to restoring:


- Monday Morning Full SQL Backup (Recycle)

- Weekdays Mon-Fri During Day Every 4 hours Log Backup (Normal)

- Weekdays Mon-Fri Night Differential SQL Backup (Normal)


Cycle repeats itself for the next week. What are some examples of schedules that you are doing?

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