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Problems backing up SQL databases

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We are using Retrospect 7.5.387 with Hot fix and are having some issues backing up with our SQL databases. Some times retrospect will backup all the databases and other times it will only back up a few. We don’t receive any errors in the log as it only sees the databases that get backed up. It looks like it has a problem enumerating the databases. Is this a known problem and do you have any ideas on a solution?

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From the user's guide:


Critical steps

Part 1

You must create a Retrospect Backup User account (RBU) that is a member of:

1) Domain Users

2) Domain Administrators

3) Backup Operators

4) Local Admins if Retrospect is running local to the SQL server

5) Do NOT include any other groups


Part 2

1) Go to Configure>Preferences>Security in Retrospect and configure Retrospect to Run as a specific user.

2) Enter the RBU info into the Security settings.

3) Go to Configure>Volumes. Right Click on the sql Server and select "Login As"

4) Configure Retrospect to login to the sql server using the Retrospect User account. Running Retrospect as the "domain administrator" is not good enough and you must use the steps in Part 1 above.

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What support forgets to tell you (have been on phone for HOURS with them) is that the SQL Agent service logon has to be the same as the Retrospect service logon..... took us a month to figure this out.

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Hello... I don't understand ... I do all what you write ...

but still having problem, authentication problem, when I try to add SQL Server as Source. It's correctly licensed


Retrospect 7.6 is running on a windows server 2008 enterprise 64 bit, Sql2008 is running on another server, same operating system.


I create RBUser member of the groups you write, setting retrospect to run with this credential ... no way.

Then I try to add RBUser to Enterprise Admins... no way.

Then I modify the SQL Agent service to run as RBUser ... no way, always authentication error.


If I login to the sql server with the RBUser credential i'm able to connect to sql and to run management studio etc. ... but from retrospect always authentication problem .... any idea ?

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