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FIX: Error -1019 backing up registry

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I had been getting error -1019 (not enough resources) intermitently when backing up the registry on one workstation since last winter. This summer it became a normal event and I was no longer able to back up the registry under any circumstances. I have 1 GB RAM and 40 GB free HD space, so that was not the issue. Tech support was no help.


Another problem recently appeared regarding loss of access to network drives due to insufficient resources that led me to a solution for both problems.


It turns out that Trend Micro's SMB messaging suite hogs paged kernel memory and that was the resource that was being exhausted in both cases. The Windows XP default is to allow a PagedPoolSize of 193 MB. Changing the registry key PagedPoolSize (DWORD) in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manger\Memory Mangement" from 0x00000000 to 0xffffffff (8 f's) changes the algorithm to allow the maximum paged pool allocation given other conditions on the machine.


This fixed the problem with the registry backup and a few other problems on my system as well.


Next I will try it on my SBS 2003 Premium sever to see if it fixes my intermittent problems with VolSnap failures and with backing up IIS Metabase.


Sadly, tech support was no help on this issue. They never got back to me to help me debug this problem last July. I hope this helps somebody else!

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