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Invisible catalog files

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MAC G4 System 9.04 Retrospect 4.3






Catalog files are invisible.


They can be located by Sherlock on the desktop but cannot be moved, read or copied. The icons for TheFileByContentFolder and TheVolumeSettingsFolder are displayed very faintly indicating that they are "invisible".




I have rebuilt the desktop and rebooted without extensions with no change. I am not an experienced Retrospect user but I assume that these files should not be invisible. How can I make them visible?



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Retrospect does not have a way to make catalog files invisibile, nor are they invisible by default. Often this is the result of the folders either flagging those files as invisible, or having permissions that don't match up with what you have access to.




You should check your access permissions, and also for any third-party utilities, such as ResEdit, which have the ability to make files invisible.









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