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Newbie v4.3 - First Que FW Backup...is this right?

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I've just done my first backup to my Que M3 80Gb FW Drive. I specifically bought this because Retrospect Express was bundled with it....though I understand they've stopped this now.




The version that came with it was v4.1 .....which didn't seem to support the drive (!) ; I got Error 211, drive locked messages. So I upgraded to v4.3.




It all seems to be fine now, but I'm not sure how things should look so a couple of questions:




1 - When Express is finding the files to backup the total size is quite a bit less that the space taken up on the HD being backed up. Am I right in assuming that this is beacuse the files take up more space on the HD than their size would suggest?




2 - Following the backup of my two internal drives, the FW drive I've backed up to is completely full - 80Gb divided into 37 Retrospect data files of 1.99Gb plus one of about 500Mb. All of them are locked. This is despite the fact that the data being backed up was nowhere near that size.




In addition an 11Mb (Approx) catalog file which I'm saving in the Retrospect Express folder......Does that sound right?




If the FW drive is full how will the incremental backups fit on?




3 - If my main HD Crashes I'll lose the Catalogue file won't I? So will it be possible to recreate the HD from these 38 files? I'm a bit confused here!




4 - I've done a Full Backup - Backing up the 2 partitions of my system HD and my additional Audio drive - all at once. Do you think I'd be better off doing these separately? (what if one drive dies and the other doesn't?)......if it would be better to do them individually how could I do this id the process uses the entire FW disk? Partition it first?




5 - I'd love to schedule backups for shutdown. The schedule only seems to allow for setting my date and time though. Am I going to have to do this manually?




Sorry to ask so much at once.......:-/





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