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Retrospect Express and Toast

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I have just installed Retrospect Express 4.3 for use with a Que QPS 4x4x8 CD-R (USB) on my iMac OS 8.6 with Toast 4.1.3. I set up a new backup set specifying the CD-R drive then tried an immediate backup.




When I click on backup, I get an error message that "No disc storage devices were found". There is a blank cd in the drive.




I gather that I have to have the cd mounted on the desktop for Retrospect Express to see it. How do I do that? Does the cd have to have something written on it first so that it can be mounted?

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We do support the QPS Que! USB 4x4x8x (CR-4804TE version).




You need Retrospect 4.3 with the Retrospect Driver Update 2.1 or later.




Minimum firmware for this drive to work with Retrospect is 2.6C

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