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Retrospect Express-firewire

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just a quick question;




I've had 2 firewire drives crash this week, (unrepairable, sent back to


manufacturer) right after doing a back up with retrospect express. Is there


any way Retrospect could have caused this or help cause it. Is there a bug


of late that causes this in firewire devices? I'm using a Mac G4 OS 9.0.4.


Retrospect Xpress Sony edition 4.3.




I've used retrospect for years now, (at my last job and here) with the Mac


and NT and I love it! I'm getting both the firewire drives repaired. I'm


just trying to figure out why so they both don't do it again.

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I use FireWire hard drives for backup devices on my G4 and have never had a problem. Retrospect tests FireWire devices heavily and the problem you describe is not one we have seen at Dantz.




I would suggest upgrading the operating system so that you are running the latest FireWire drivers from Apple.

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