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Retrospect is killing my DVD-RAM disks

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Can anyone from Dantz help? What am I doing wrong? I am trying to backup to DVD-RAM disks using my PowerMac G4's internal drive. Things had been going well until the backup data exceeded one 4.7GB disk.


I have tried formatting them using Special>Erase Disk & Drive Setup. I have tried both Standard & Extended format. I am also already aware of the Universal issue, so I did steer clear of that.




But Retrospect keeps erasing the disks & changing the format. Disks that I format Extended are changed to Standard after Retrospect erases them. 2 of my disks are already completely fried because Retrospect crapped-out after taking 3 hours to backup to one disk. The disks are ruined.




Can anyone from Dantz tech support or anyone with experience provide me with step-by-step instructions on how to setup for backup to more than one DVD-RAM disk? I have wasted literally days trying different scenarios, but all I have accomplished is killing 2 DVD-RAM disks, which I cannot afford to continue to experiment with.









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