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how do I restore from CDs?

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I backed some files up to CD via retrospect express. Now I need to pull a few off. I've done this sort of thing before but with DAT tapes. I find the files I want to retrieve and hit "Retrieve". It asks "are you sure" I say yes then it says no disc is inserted. So then I search the software to try and find which disc I need to insert (there are about six in this case) and NOWHERE does it say which disc I need to insert, just the name of the backup.




So I go ahead an insert the first CD of the bunch. It spins for a second and shoots back out. I'm guessing it's because the CD is in Retrospect format. Anyway, I keep trying to retrieve, but it wont work. It says see "help under the window menu" so I do and get a resulting message "Help is not available".




I really need to get files from my backup. I've checked my extensions and all the retrospect ones are there.




How do I get the files?

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How are you doing your restore? If you have selected the files that you want to restore and then click Retrieve, you should be prompted for the correct CD. You should see a media request window that will say "Please insert 3-Backup Set A" or whatever CD Retrospect needs. Once you insert that CD it should continue. Is it recognizing the name of the CD?




Irena Solomon


Dantz Tech Support

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