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back up to cdr

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I bought express retrospect awhile ago. I have yet to make a successful back up. I am using a beige G3, system 9.2.2, CRW8424S Yamaha cdrw. The program goes thru the motions, and I think it might actually burn the cd (although I’m not positive), but it does not recognize the disk at all. I have written technical support in the past...I tried changing the brand of disk, as suggested, but that did not work. There is something else not working. I have interviewed others who have the program on the online apple users group, and while some can actually back up, there are others like myself who have not been able to. any ideas? I’d love to hear them. Feel free to email me. Thank you. Itasara@aol.com

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In addition to changing media, tech support made the following recommendations. Have you done them?




Go through these steps to isolate the problem:




1) Another device on your SCSI bus may be interfering with the drive's communication, so isolate the CDRW. Turn off your Mac and the SCSI devices. Disconnect all SCSI devices except for the CDRW drive.




2) You may have a bad cable. Replace the SCSI cable that connects the CDRW drive to the computer after removing other devices and cables from the SCSI chain.




3) You may be missing a terminator or have a bad terminator. The last device and ONLY the last device in your SCSI chain needs to be terminated. Try replacing the terminator if you already have one on the chain.




4) The computer may be having a SCSI problem. To test this, try installing Retrospect on another Macintosh and try the drive there as the lone SCSI device.



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