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Upgrade problems: now Retrospect won't even start...

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I am trying (badly!) to upgrade 5.0.238 to 6.x.


I've installed a demo copy of 6.0. Used that to restore my applications (its a long story), then started 5.0.238 to try get the license code so I can upgrade. It opens, but had lost all info about preferences, license codes, etc. (in fact it asked to base the preferences on 4.3 which I haven't used in literally years.) So I try a few things. Now none of my copies of Retrospect will start. I guessing that this is some software protection issue.




1. I cannot do any backup at all.


2. Surely demo versions should work regardless of license issues in other versions?


3. I have written to customer support but they have not replied yet... hence my writing here.


4. Can anyone suggest a fix to this. ASAP. I don't like working without backups. :(


5. Its ironic that Retrospect recovered by Retrospect doesn't work :-) Probably something to do with having to separately recover some files, under /Library or whatnot, etc.

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Could someone from Dantz please respnd to this. I'm a registered user. I've written to support via the web form several days ago (no reply so far) and posted a direct email this morning.


I'd appreciate your help, thanks.


I feel very uncomfortable working without backups and I can't see any way of getting around this other than deleting all Retrospect versions and their associated files in /Library, etc. (assuming I can locate them all), then installing a full (non upgrade) installation at extra expense to myself.



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If you registered your version of Retrospect 5.0 with Dantz I suggest calling customer service at 1 888 777 5664 to retrieve your old code.


Were you using Retrospect 5.0 under OS9 or OSX? The license code is stored in a preference file called Retro.config. Do you still have your original config file from 5.0?




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