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windows 2003 server service pack 2 unusable remote desktop / terminal services client

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I'm having the issue mentioned below: grayed out client under remote desktop after service pack 2 on windows 2003 server.


(this is a 64 bit OS on the server)


I've implemented the fix listed below - adjusting the permissions. Removing existing permissions, adding system and administrators. (forced them all the way down)


I have no idea what this RBU mentioned account is. this server is a domain member, but I've searched anywhere, and I can't find any such an account.


I'm still having the same problem. Does anyone have any suggestions? having to work for the console is totally bush league.







TITLE: Updating to Windows 2003 SP2 and Remote Desktop







After upgrading to Windows 2003 Server service pack 2 from a prior service pack users are no longer able to access Retrospect via Remote Desktop. The GUI is grayed out and unusable. Some users have also been forced to re-enter Retrospect license codes when launching Retrospect.




The service pack upgrade has incorrectly changed the permissions on the Retrospect configuration folder to "Everyone: Full Control". A service pack upgrade should not be changing the permissions of a Retrospect folder.




Resolution for Remote Desktop Issue:


Change permissions on C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect to:




1. Remove Everyone


2. Add Administrators: Full Control


3. Add SYSTEM: Full Control


4. Add RBU: Full Control (this may only be necessary in a domain configuration)






Resolution for License Code request:




Restore an older copy of your config75.dat file to


C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect




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thanks for posting on this issue.


to be clear, this config DID work before I put the 2003 sp 2 on the system.


so to answer your question, that is the config I was running, and it did work for me , BEFORE I put the 2003 sp 2 on the system.



since then I have the grayed out - non functional - retrospect in remote desktop sessions. it works fine logged on locally.




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Are you connecting to the server console via RDP? Or are you doing a regular RDP connection? At least with older versions of Retrospect, I found that retrospect woudn't even launch at all in an RDP session unless I was connected to the console. In your connection profile you should have a line like this:


connect to console:i:1



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