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Retrospect stopped running on 8/28/2007 (August 28, 2007)

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Hi folks,


We manage IT for numerous small business clients. This morning, three of them reported to us that they were getting a "You have not been backed up..." message on their workstations.


In all three cases, Retrospect had last run on 8/28/2007.

All are running Windows Server 2003 SP2 and Retrospect Single Server 7.5x


In all cases, the Retrospect launcher service was already running.


In all cases, there was an update available. After installing the update and restarting the launcher service, Retrospect immediately commenced to run a backup.


There are no indications in any of the event logs as to why Retrospect stopped running. It simply stopped.


Has anyone else had this kind of problem in general?

And what happened on August 28, 2007 to cause Retrospect to stop running in three locations?


Best Regards,


Keith Parker

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I just looked on my system, everything is up to date and there wasn't an update on 8/28/07. I updated mine last on around 7/12/07.


Maybe this will help someone- When you refer to updating retrospect on the three, do you mean that three was three client updates?

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