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Backup Strategy/Plan

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We are evaulating Retrospect 7.5 and I am trying to figure out an appropriate backup plan using Retrospect. We will be doing our backup to a 2 TB NAS. Is there a good FAQ or document on backup strategies?

We will want to have the last 30 days of files backed up at any given time, so that if a user wants a file from any of those 30 days we can restore it. I think we will want to have 5 backup sets (5 weeks worth) with the #1 getting recycled at the end of the 4th week. On the other hand it may be necessary to create a backup set for every day of the week for 5 weeks.

Some insight would definitely be appreciated.

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Start here:


I hope the NAS is in another building or that you will copy to tape and bring off site. (In case of fire, theft, flooding, you name it.)


I don't see the need for 5 backup sets, though. You shouldn't recycle a file backup set.

Set the grooming to keep the (say) 30 latest backups and schedule a "Groom" script every weekend.


You may want different backup sets for performance reasons, though. We have four: Mac desktops and Windows desktops, that runs at night (in parallell). Mac laptops and Win laptops that run "proactive" during the day (in parallell). You may want to run per department instead or any other logical division of the clients.

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