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SQLVDI error in event log at time of SQL backup

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Every day I recieve this error in my server report, corresponding with the time of (Comparing SUSDB on sbserver (being a SQL container) or less than a minute from the start of the first SQL backup job):-


SQLVDI: Loc=IdentifySQLServer. Desc=MSSQL$SBSERVER. ErrorCode=(1060)The specified service does not exist as an installed service. . Process=8616. Thread=5168. Client. Instance=SBSERVER. VD=.



I am running SBS2003 R2

SQL 2005

the computer name of the server is SBSERVER


I googled it but found only 1 other post of this on the internet without a reply and that user had the same problem at the time of backup with Retrospect.


Actually it doesn't appear to cause any problems yet, but I would like it to stop seeing it in each report.

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It sounds like the SQL Server Agent is not installed. Does a backup with the Enterprise Manager cause the same errors?

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