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Update to 7.5.387

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Retrospect version 7.5.387

Driver Update and Hot Fix, version


Both updates were installed today.


1. An error "W2dbInstallHelperSvc: cannot install helper service in 10 minutes": Client software was not updated this time. However, clients local firewalls anyway requested re-confirmation of Retrospect (ZoneAlarm/Integrity, Sunbelt/Kerio). I am still waiting on how Windows' native firewall will respond. Well, at least this mystery's solved.


2. Error "tyceCheckDL: DL 6364 item 'HSLo' bad chunk 1002, error -647 (resource not found)". I found no traces of this error message in the KB, except of my own posts, and a NetWare thread. Upon Foster_'s suggestion, I tried to run Retrospect both admin-equivalent and under Administrator credentials - no difference.


3. Two unrelated Catalog Files were reported out of sync with Backup Set. Repairs were "completed successfully". Next run - the same "out of sync" errors.


I would suspect prefs files, but I do not want even to think about recreating these from scratch, at this time. I restored old prefs from local backup, but it did not make a difference.


Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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