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New Backup Set Prompts for Disk

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I'm new to Retrospect (using trial) and when I schedule a NEW BACKUP SET for a DISK BACKUP SET, it prompts for a new disk location (the dialog whereyou specify percentage of disk use) at exection time thereby halting the backup which runs at 3AM - at 9am I then have to point it to the same drive effectively losing 6 hours of time. Is there a way to have retrospect not stop when requesting a NEW BACKUP SET operation? For example Cycle 1 points to an external firewire drive and will utilize up to 95% of the drive. When I do the scheduled NEW BACKUP set, at execution time it will stop and ask for a disk location. I want the NEW BACKUP SET to reside on the same drive as the others. For archiving off site, I then TRANSFER the old set to other media for off-site storage. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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