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regcopy system state win2k, winxp

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Retrospect SBS 7.x on XP Home system

Client 7.x on Win2k


I had a corrupt c:\winnt\system32\config\system file on a win2k box that was being backed up nightly (all files but cache selector)


I wanted to grab just the system file to restore it so the client would boot but in c:\winnt\system32\config there was nothing backed up. I thought regcopy was only needed to run if you were backing up a windows client to a mac server. If you're backing up windows client to windows server does regcopy still have to be running on the client? Or....is the registry put somewhere else ? In Retrospect 7.5 Users guide regcopy is not mentioned and in the description for restoring a client it looks like it restores the registry but the snapshot shows nothing in c:\system32\config directory.


Where are the files in c:\system32\config copied to ?



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