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Files not Restored when doing a full restore

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I have a RedHat server that is backed up on to a windows 2003 server. I am using Retrospect 7.5, with all of the patches installed.


The backup works fine.


The restore works fine, with the exception of empty folders. For some reason when the restore is happening the empty folders are not being restored, causing a lot of problems when we do a restore and then compare the files to the original as a means of testing.


Is there a way to have retrospect backup the empty folders?


Thanks Halo

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I just wanted to bump this again and see if I could get anyone else to try to get external scripts via the Linux client working, or at least verify my problem with a test run of external scripts. 

LVM backups are SAAH-WEET! I am manually creating an LVM snapshot, running a backup via the Linux client, and then removing the snapshot. So far my experience with this performance-wise is very good. The only thing I am missing is automation. Downtime for the mail server amounts to 2min - tops, which is the amount of time it takes to stop and start all the mail server processes. The snapshot is darn near instantaneous. Once I can get Retrospect to create and remove the snapshot, I will have an awesome backup solution.

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