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Buffer overrun detected!

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Wrote too soon.

Overrun detected well after copy began. Very strange.

Should have waited.

Now, buffer overrun begins immediately upon copy (after grooming, comparing, etc.)



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After more investigation, I find that I have more than one 7.5 installer. Something of an installer pack rat, I suppose:


1- a folder labeled (by me, I am sure) Retrospect 7.5 -- this from purchase on 12/2006.

2- Retro-EN_7_5_370.exe, recently from the website.

3- ru759102.exe from update.

4- Retro-EN_7_5_324.exe.


I received the buffer overrun (assert elem.cpp 993, and a nasty mess of assert junk with it) from applying 2- and then 3-. I also received it from applying 2- alone.


However, when I apply the original 1- I received, there is no buffer overrun and no assert log after a successful backup.


I did not try 4-.


When applying 2- and 3-, the help about says 7.5.370 --, and not ...102. Same help-about info when applying 3. I am not certain that this is correct, or if it may reside in the registry or configuration file. It might indeed be ...370 without hotfix, as I did not remove the configuration folder from all users before reinstalling. I can say that it "seems" that the interfaces are different -- I feel pretty certain I saw a difference in the advanced selection criteria interface between the two versions 1-&2-, and 3-: when selecting backup all except cache files, then choosing advanced, in 1-&2- the all but cache setting persists into the advanced screen, while in 3- it does not. Maybe my imagination, but maybe not.


All of these installers came from the website. So, I would have to conclude that there is an issue with the 7.5 and hotfix installers.



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I just had a server start doing the buffer overrun thing. It's very frequent, and is impairing our backups. Are there any updates on this issue?


Our setup:


Retrospect Single Server 7.5.370, Update

Windows XP SP2, P4 3.2GHz, 1GB RAM

Proactive backup, backing up 15 desktop clients

Backing up to one internal removable SATA drive in a tray and an external 250 drive

The crash happens most frequently when polling machines for proactive backup (judging by the assert log) with no active backups running- often within a minute or two of allowing proactive backup to run

Perhaps 370MB total commit charge- no unusual memory consumption that I can see.


Typical assert log error (each error is repeated over and over):




OS: Windows XP version 5.1 (build 2600), Service Pack 2, (32 bit)

Application: C:\Program Files\Retrospect\Retrospect 7.5\Retrospect.exe, version 7.5.370

Driver Update and Hot Fix version

Exception occurred on 4/19/2007 at 10:04:20 PM

Error info: Assertion failure at "elem.cpp-993"

Exception code: e0000000 ASSERTION

Fault address: 7c812a5b 0001:00011a5b (null)



Thread ID: 1504, Name: Backup server source polling


EAX:02922884 CS:001b EIP:7c812a5b EFlags:00000206

EBX:00b64c02 SS:0023 ESP:02922880 EBP: 029228d4

ECX:00000000 DS:0023 ESI:02922914 FS: 003b

EDX:00000001 ES:0023 EDI:02922914 GS: 0000



Module Fn (symbol or seg:offset in DLL) Args

=============== ================================= =============================


Module Fn (symbol or seg:offset in DLL) Args


ntdll.dll 0001:0000db94 1c2eac4 0 0 190001

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