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Cleaning Tape Message Question

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I use Retrospect professional Single server edition.

I have an Exabyte VXA tape unit.

I have designated slot 10 as the cleaning tape. There is always

a tape in it. I have configured Retrospect to clean the drive

every 25 hours. I have configured to allow a cleaning tape to be used 25 times. There are at least 15 cleanings remaining. I have configured Retro to send me e-mail status messages.

Normally I get messages similar to the one below.


Date: 01/31/2007

A cleaning operation was requested for "Exabyte VXA DC, ID 3:3:0". It was used 25 hours since the previous cleaning request.


Date: 01/31/2007

(Exabyte VXA DC, ID 3:3:0) : The tape in the drive is a cleaning cartridge.


Date: 01/31/2007

Drive "Exabyte VXA DC, ID 3:3:0" was cleaned.


Script: Weekly Progressive Backup

Date: 01/31/2007

Script "Weekly Progressive Backup" completed with 4 errors


(The log shows these errors to be compare or sharing errors on windows sys files.They do not trouble me, the backup was successful.)




Last night I got the following.


Date: 02/02/2007

(Exabyte VXA DC, ID 3:3:0) : The tape drive is due for routine cleaning:

1. Wait for the current operation to finish.

2. Then use a cleaning cartridge.

Check the tape drive users manual for device specific cleaning instructions.


Script: Weekly Progressive Backup

Date: 02/02/2007

Script "Weekly Progressive Backup" completed with 7 errors


Does anyone know why/what this means? Why the difference?

What is it telling me? Why did I get the tape drive due for cleaning message all of the sudden?

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