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Launcher not always launching

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If I log off my Retrospect servers, half the time my scripts don't run. If I leave the servers logged in (they can be locked), and I perform the "workaround" of disabling and then re-enabling the Launcher service in Preferences, then my scripts always run. This has been happening to me since the first release of v7.


Also, logging off will always make the systray icon disappear. Re-enabling the Launcher services will always make the systray icon reappear, at least until I log off. It acts like the preferences are being dumped when I log off.


I have several servers, all W2k3, fully updated, and a couple of them are dedicated backup servers, i.e. nothing is on them except Windows and Retrospect Server. I have re-installed the software numerous times (often to try to fix other issues), and I always start with a clean install (new config files).

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