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Retrospect FTP for Windows?

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Hi there - I have been successfully backing up my Windows 2003 Server using Retrospect 7 writing to an internal DVD drive for a while. However, I have now moved my server from my office and it is sitting in a co-located ISP where the DVD drive is no longer accessible. I then had an inspirational thought and persuaded a friend of mine to allow me to use his FTP server to dump my backup files onto. Imagine my frustration when I realised that storing backup data via FTP is only available with the Mac version of the product.


1. Any ideas how I can encourage Retrospect to store its backup data on an FTP server - I tried NetDrive to create a fake mapped drive, but Retrospect didn't like that.


2. I then thought I'd do my backup the other way around with my server machine being the client and using a machine at home to be the server. After installing this I can successfully "add" other machines on which I have installed Retrospect client, but not my co-located server. The control panel says that is waiting for the server but no dice. I do have Windows Firewall installed on the co-located server (the Retrospect client) but I have checked the FAQ on this and setup 2 exceptions in the firewall config to allow both TCP and UDP on port 497 - but still nothing. Has anyone else run into this problem?




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what is the edition of your Retrospect7, the multiserver or sigle server?


If it is single server edition, Retrospect can not bake up a server client without the server client license code installed.

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