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Problems writing over old tapes

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We would like to write over some DLT IV tapes that were originally used by another backup system (Legato Networker), however Retrospect blocks our attempts to reuse these tapes.


Is there some preference flag I missed which would allow these tapes, to be overwritten.


Barring that, is there some way we can wipe the header of the tape so that Retrospect can accept them (note that we still have access to a DLT drive on a Unix system, in additon to the tape drive on the Windows Retrospect system, if that would help).


Thanks for any help you can provide.

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You should be able to erase the tapes with any application or utility and have Retrospect use them. What does it say when you attempt to erase the tapes in Retrospect? Could you provide some information on your setup?

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