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Incremental Backup selecting files already backed up

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Retrospect Server for Mac v 6.1.126 with driver update, OS X 10.3.9

Client is Win XP Pro with all MS patches, and Retrospect Client 7.0.107


I've backed up this laptop to this Mac many times in the past, both to a disk based and tape based backup set. Now when I try to run the same backup script it is selecting all the files like the system has never been backed up before. I was having a similar problem about a year ago and updating to 6.1.126 fixed it.


Does anyone have any idea why it would do this? Nothing crashed or failed. I successfully ran the same script about a month ago where it selected on the order of 250MB to backup. Now it want's to backup 49 GB which is basically the entire contents of the drive.


I have two different scripts, two different backup sets, one goes to a file backup set, the other goes to a disk backup set. Both of them when I try running the script, or set it up manually to use the same selectors and backup sets say that 49 GB needs to be backed up.


I sometimes connect both the mac and the laptop behind a linksys router so they both have 192.168.0.x ip's. I've tried running the backup under both conditions, behind the switch and just on the lan (i.e. sometimes the client has a different ip...would this make Retrospect think it's an entirely new system or that files previously backed up are not now?) , in both cases the selector is acting like it can't see what has already been backed up.

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