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Working with Multiple Subnets

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I am working with Retrospect Server version 5. I have several laptop computers that connect on our networking in different subnets. I have six IP subnets I want to cover;


a) 196.168.105.*

B) 196.168.106.*

c) 196.168.124.*

d) 196.168.187.*

e) 196.168.33.*

f) 196.168.9.*


I have gone into CONFIGUREà CLIENTS à ADD à SUBNET BROADCAST à SUBNETS. Then I added all the IP ranges I wanted scanned.


a) with subnet of

B) with subnet of

c) with subnet of

d) with subnet of

e) with subnet of

f) with subnet of


When I clicked Ok, the “live Network” window appeared and it said it was scanning for clients, but after several mintues it never found any clients.


What am I doing wrong?


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Guest psykoyiko

Make sure your routers are allowing udp 497 broadcast packets from the backup server's subnet to the client's. Most routers come configured by default to block any broadcast packets.


Hope this helps.

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