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Win200 AD Restore

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I recently had a customer that where the Win2000 Server - Active Directory (residing on drive D: of the server) needed to be restored. They were running Retrospect Backup Server Edition v5.6.132. The Active Directory file NTDS.DIT did was not on the backup tapes. I did a full restore of drive D: anyway (in Directory Restore Mode)...which seemed to work...but the NTDS.DIT file was still not there. I ended up having to setup the AD from scratch.




I can't find any information on your web site about Active Directory backup/restore. Is there something that I missed? (the customer did not have any manuals - and AD was not mentioned in the Help files either)




Do you need the Open File Agent in order to backup the AD?







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Retrospect backs up the Active Directory as part of the System State information - which includes the registry, COM+ Class Registration, Certificate Services database, IIS Metabase, and Active Directory among other things). The system state information is backed up as part of the snapshot of the boot volume.




In order to restore the Active Directory to a non-system drive, a system state restore may have also been required.




Instructions for a registry restore can be found at:






Complete instructions for a full disk restore can be found at:







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