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Execution Incomplete?

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I've started getting "Execution Incomplete" messages in my log; no idea why. This server typically backs up just fine, with the exception of some sharing violations and individual files not being able to be backed up.




However, recently I've been getting a very terse "Execution Incomplete" statement in my logs, with no error message at all, which doesn't really give me very much to do with.




Here's a little sample:




- 7/9/2002 9:12:45 PM: Copying New Volume (D:)




7/9/2002 9:57:30 PM: Execution incomplete


Completed: 8582 files, 6.2 GB


Performance: 253.4 MB/minute


Duration: 00:44:45 (00:12:09 idle/loading/preparing)




7/9/2002 9:57:31 PM: Execution incomplete


Total performance: 238.8 MB/minute


Total duration: 00:58:18 (00:31:05 idle/loading/preparing)




Anyone ahve any ideas about that? Thanks in advance.

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