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What gives? Another BU Server Problem

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This is bizarre. Last night, the server started backing up a workstation, had a problem, and then failed to back up the rest of the LAN. Is this working as designed? I hope not.




I understand what it had a problem with--it won't back up some Outlook files when it's open. No biggie; I understand that. But the backup was to continue through the night! The following log segment is *my entire log* from last night--only one machine!




(MS Word seems to mangle some of the Unicade from the log--sorry 'bout that).




+ Normal backup using $[1]Daily Desktop/Server$[2] at 4/30/2002 5:02 PM


To backup set $[01]$[*!20621,,14,+3]Backup Set A$[02]...




- 4/30/2002 5:02:16 PM: Copying $[*!20612,,14,+3]Drive C (C:)$[3] on WORKSTATION2$[4]


4/30/2002 5:02:16 PM: Connected to $[*!20780,,14,+3]WORKSTATION2


$[*20750] File "$[1]C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\outcmd.dat$[2]": can't read, error -1020 (sharing violation)


$[*20750] File "$[1]C:\WINDOWS\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\personal folders.pst$[2]": can't read, error -2352 (File has changed)


4/30/2002 5:15:00 PM: Snapshot stored, 11.9 MB


4/30/2002 5:15:05 PM: Comparing $[*!20612,,14,+3]Drive C (C:)$[3] on WORKSTATION2$[4]


$[*20750] Can't initialize source, error -1102 (drive missing/unavailable)


4/30/2002 5:15:05 PM: Execution incomplete $[126646597362220000]


Remaining: 13723 files, 934.8 MB


Completed: 0 files, zero KB


Performance: 88.8 MB/minute (88.8 copy, 0.0 compare)


Duration: 00:12:48 (00:02:16 idle/loading/preparing)










-Rich Fletcher



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