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When running a Restore through Retrospect Backup/Workgroup 5.6, on our Dell PowerEdge 6400/700 running Server NT with patch 6a, the entire system crashes. The computer crashes when the "Device Scan" gets to Scsi #3.0. This is the Scsi Id of the Raid on the Server. The Power Edge Expansable Raid is running BIOS1p00 Oct,1999. Please let me know if you need any more info.

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Here's an entry from our Knowledgebase that you may find helpful:




If you are getting crashes, hangs or blue screens when Retrospect scans for devices, use the following steps to pinpoint the problem.




First, ensure that your SCSI devices have separate and unique SCSI IDs. If there is a conflict it will certainly cause problems. Try changing the IDs or the order in which the devices are connected if they are daisy-chained.




Next, is ASPI installed correctly? This is a utility that Retrospect uses to communicate with devices under 95/98/ME systems. Run ASPICHK (in the Retrospect Program Files folder) to make sure ASPI is "green" and all


components are at version 4.60. If not, try a reinstall (ASPIINST.exe).




If you still get the same behavior, shut down the computer and remove all devices. Restart, launch Retrospect and scan for devices. If you don't get a crash, shut the computer down and add a single device. Restart and rescan. If you don't get a crash with one device, continue the process, adding one device at a time until you pinpoint the one that is causing the problem.




Confirm that it is this device (and not, say, a SCSI configuration issue) by testing with only that device connected. If it is the device, update the firmware for the drive and SCSI card that it is connected to.

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