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-205 error

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I did a search in the Knowledgebase on "lost contact with storage medium" and on error number -205 and ended up with a blank page both times. Not very helpful. I'm running Win Workgroup Backup 5.11 under NT4.0 and I get this error every time I try to do a backup. I tried backing up with NT's native Backup program and it worked fine. I did a clean re-install of Retrospect but that made no difference. Drive is a brand new Sony SDT-9000, machine is a Dell PowerEdge 2300. I spoke to both Sony and Dell and it seems that nothing is wrong with the drive, everything is configured correctly and the drivers are up to date. Any ideas? Please respond to dgreenberg@mohawk.k14.mass.edu



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From Dantz's Knowledgebase - www.dantz.com/knowledgebase:




Error 205 (lost access to storage media) usually indicates the SCSI bus was reset during a backup causing Retrospect to lose contact with the tape disk or CD. This usually points to a SCSI problem and may be accompanied by an error 102 (trouble communicating).




If error 102 accompanies error 205 see "SCSI Issues" in the Retrospect Users Guide. If error 102 does not accompany error 205 and SCSI communication problems have been ruled out the next step is to check for media failure on the source volume.




Some hard drives reset the SCSI bus when they sense they are experiencing a media failure. Try testing the hard drive with the software that was originally used to format it.



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