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-108 -- out of memory errors....

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Hey everyone! I am getting the above errors now when backing up one of our building servers. First a little background on what I have already tried..... This error just started maybe a week or so ago. Up to that point, everything had been working fine. The server is a dual 2.3GHz G5 XServe with 4GB of RAM running 10.4.2 at that time. The back was going to one of 2 external 400GB FW800 hard drives using a File backup set. The backup always fails when trying to backup the Students volume which is our largest volume at this building comsuming just under 200GB. What I have done is update the OS to 10.4.5 Server and updated Retrospect to 6.1.126. I have also tried changing the backup set to "Removeable Disk" and I still get the same errors. Also to be noted, I have had the "Activity Monitor" open when doing a backup and I see that the Retrospect app will comsume up to just over 1GB of RAM before it gets the -108 error. At this point, the server is still reporting about 1.5GB still available.


Surely I am not the only one that has this much data to back up. Any thoughts you have will be GREATLY appreciated.


And speaking of the "removeable disk" backup set.... Is there a way to specify which "removeable disk" and particular backup set actually uses?? For example, the reason I had been using the "file" backup set is due to that fact that I use 2 external hard drives for backups. They have proven to be much more reliable than tapes for us. I use one drive for "week 1" and the second for "week 2". This gives me the ability to have not only a current backup, but a set from the previous week as well to fall back on if a user had deleted something by mistake a week ago.


Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for your help!!



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I'm running into the same issue.


Retrospect scans the client and comes up with -108 error (ran out of memory)


Retrospect is using 1+gig of ram but, still has 400 megs to grab if it chose to.


What I'm trying to backup is an Xraid with 800+ gigs of data on it and approximately 3.8 million files.


I believe splitting up this will work because smaller chucks seem to work well, but I really don't want to split my raid into 3 parts to address a small problem.


Any thoughts? Thanks in advance

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I'm having a similar problem.


I have an Xserve w/ 2gb of RAM backing up another Xserve with 1.5gb of RAM and 98523 files on one partition. Both systems are 10.3.9 Server.


I'm getting a -108 error before any files are backed up.


The version of retrospect is 6.1.129 and the client is 6.1.130.


I have several other systems that are fine with more files and less memory.


Any thoughts on how to resolve the problem.


Thank you.

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