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Disk Is Unreadable...

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I am new to this forum, but have been using RETROSPECT 4.3 for MAC OS 9 for quite some time without problems.


However now I need help. I am trying to restore some files Archived to a DVD-RAM disk and after inserting the disk I get a message on the desktop that says “This disk is unreadable do you wish to EJECT or INITIALIZE?”




I can’t figure out what happened to the disk, nothing seems wrong with it physically.


Other disks still boot and can be used for backup or restore.




I still have the directory showing the file list, can anyone help?



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If the Finder reports, "This is Not a Macintosh Disk, would you like to erase it", then that usually means:




1) The drivers in the invisible driver partition are corrupted


2) You are using the disk on an operating system that does not support the drivers used to format the disk


3) The correct software for that device is not installed.




Do other DVD-RAM disks do the same thing? If not, then you may have a damaged disk. A company like Drive Savers may be needed to fix and recover the disk.




If all disks have this problem, try the DVD-RAM drive on another Macintosh or make sure you have the proper DVD-RAM software installed for your version of the operaring system.




For Safety, you may want to lock the DVD-RAM disk (make it read only) during testing (if you have the option)

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You were right answer 3).


I looked back at what I installed recently and found out what the problem was.


Roxio TOAST Lite 5.05 uses a FIREWIRE Support Extension that has a conflict with the Apple extension with a similar name. Once I turned it off and restarted the disk showed up. Too bad I can’t have both running at the same time in the same set of Extensions.



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