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Backing up a remote SQL server remotely from Mac Retrospect?

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We have a small SQL server running on Server 2003 and I need to back it up using Retrospect Backup v 6.0.204 running on a G4 Xserve. Can this be done with the Retrospect Windows Client and the SQL Agent?


One of the few things I do know about SQL servers (and I don't know much) is that that you can't back up a running server. Can the server be paused, backed up remotely and then restarted, resulting in a data set that could be recovered from? If yes is there some *easy* scripting function built into Server 2003 that would allow me to pause and restart the server?


Thanks for any provided assistance.

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This cannot be done with Retrospect for Macintosh.


Your only option is to Schedule a windows task that exports the database to a flat file every day. They use Retrospect to backup the exported file.




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