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Retrospect UI takes 60% of CPU at idle?

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This has been happening to me as long as I've had Retrospect 6 desktop-- on 10.3.7, 8 and now 9.




When the UI runs it takes 60% of the cpu just idling. The whole machine (a g5 single cpu w/ 1 gig) basically freezes every 4 out of 6 seconds.




When Retrospect is acutally backing something up, its better- this is just the UI sitting around in the finder. I've tried kill RetroRun and it makes no difference.




Could this be similar to the other thread where people are complainting about Retrospect being 'slow'?

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Yes - we're seeing the exact same thing on one of our servers... a G5 single cpu w/ 1 gig. Drags the system completely down when just sitting idle.


ATTO UL4S scsi card (latest driver)

Overland Loader Express, DLT1


The only work around we have right now is to not have the application open during the day...



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