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Documentation error—and probable bug—regarding creating custom reports

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On Friday of this week I posted a reply in the Product Suggestions–Windows forum.  In the first long 
paragraph after the disclaimer, I wrote of the Retrospect Mac 17 User's Guide "Pages 187–188 describe 
the Retrospect Mac Console facility that can be used to add criteria for a report, such as a filter for
the [Retrospect Windows Activity Monitor] History tab you suggest in the OP of this thread."

I then decided to try that out on Retrospect Mac 16, and found a confusing documentation error that has 
probably existed for years.  "Creating and Saving Reports" on pages 187–188 of the Mac 17 UG begins:  

In Retrospect’s sidebar, the Activities, Past Backups, Scripts, Sources, and Media Sets categories allow you to create custom reports. To begin, click to select one of the categories. As an example, we’ll create a new report that alerts us when there are more than 10 errors in an operation.  Click on the Activities category, then click the plus (+) button in the scope bar to add the report and show the report criteria bar. Each category provides appropriate report criteria.

I tried that on Activities, but didn't get a report criteria bar.  Instead I got something mostly obscured 
underneath the list view toolbar, with no visible report criteria bar—which is probably a bug.  After 
faffing around, I finally realized the problem is with page 26 of the UG.  It says: 

Reports are the last item in the sidebar. Click the disclosure triangle to view the list of included reports. Custom reports can be saved from nearly any list view.

There isn't any disclosure triangle in the sidebar of the Mac 16 Console, and I don't think there's been 
one since Retrospect Mac 15—even though the screenshot on page 25 has finally been updated for Mac 17.

What's on pages 187–188 only works for what used to be under that disclosure triangle, which are 
categories starting with Past Activities.  That doesn't include Activities, although I think I added an 
Activity Thread column to Activities experimentally using Retrospect Mac 14.

P.S.: The above was reformatted from Support Case #77137.  The font is what happens when you copy from a Support Case; I've added underlining.

P.P.S.: In last paragraph before P.S., report categories start with Past Activities.  Past Backups has the same problem Activities does, per the paragraph in which the first quote is embedded.  I've amended that in last paragraph here, and amended the Support Case with an Additional Note.

Edited by DavidHertzberg
P.S.: Sorry about the font; I've added underlining. P.P.S.: The report categories start with Past Activities, not Past Backups.

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