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Restore issue with v17.5

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Hello all,

This is an informative post, I don't have a question. I wanted to share an issue I discovered with Multi Server (17.5). We recently upgraded to this version and when I tried to restore files to one of my clients we received an error we hadn't seen before. The console appeared to complete the restore normally, and showed progress while retrieving our files, but then every restored file was 0KB in size. The Retrospect log showed an error of "File (filename) appears incomplete".

I was able to reproduce this error from different backup sets and to different clients. I panicked, then tested a few different approaches to restoring and discovered that restores would only complete IF you restore to the server's local hard drive. This error only happens when restoring directly to a client.

I contacted Retrospect support and opened an official case. Robin Mayoff replied quickly to let me know that they were aware of this issue and it was a high priority for them to fix. My options were to downgrade to 17.0.2 or wait for their fix to be released. I opted to wait, now knowing that this was the issue. Fortunately we don't need to do a lot of restores, so having to manually move my restored files isn't a dealbreaker. But if you are trying to do a restore directly to a client, you may be impacted by this bug in v17.5!

Just putting it out there in case other people are searching for this issue like I was. Hope it's helpful!


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Yes, i have had nothing but issues with 17.5 thus far; crashes almost immediately, which we have never had before. I'm sticking with 17.0.2 for now as it has been very stable.

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Hi, thanks for the reply. Interesting to hear that. We aren't having any other issues, overall 17.5 has been performing very well for us. This is the only issue I found. We upgraded to 17.5 from 15 which had it's share of issues, so far 17.5 has been a pleasant experience overall.

It sounds like sticking with 17.0.2 is a good course of action for many until this issue is fixed.

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