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Don Lee

Console 16.1 erases client options

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I upgraded my server to Retro 16.1 recently, and started using Console 16.1 as well. I immediately started having trouble with the options on the clients being cleared. All of the "Allow client to:" options would be cleared every time I "touched" a client with the console.

This is not a problem with Retro console 14.6, nor console 16.6

It's pretty annoying on the 16.1 console.

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Don Lee,

Upgrade immediately to Retrospect Mac 16.6Don't pass "Go", don't collect $119 🤣 —which I assume you already paid for a Desktop Edition upgrade.

Retrospect Console 16.1 has "joined the choir invisible".  Why are you using it? 🙄   I've been totally on Retrospect Mac 16.6 since December 2019.

A fast eyeball search of the Retrospect Mac cumulative Release Notes doesn't disclose a fix for your 16.1 Console bug.  However a number of existing features ended up broken in the 15.0–16.5 "go big or go home" era of Retrospect development; most of them seem to have been fixed by 16.6.

As the first long paragraph of this post in another thread mentions, Retrospect "Inc." apparently isn't above obfuscating who discovered a Retrospect bug that backup administrators reported before it was fixed. 😎  So if an engineer discovered the bug noted in your OP and fixed it by 16.6, he wouldn't necessarily have put a mention of it into the Release Notes—because IMHO the engineers are ashamed of 30 years of inadequate alpha-testing.

Edited by DavidHertzberg
Add additional paragraph about why fixing _this_ bug wouldn't necessarily have been mentioned in the Release Notes.

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