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-1104 errors

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Something I've been getting for years is -1104 errors (device not ready).  They happen with both server and client backups.  Simply rerunning the backup fixes the problem.  I don't understand how the device can not be ready when the machine is working fine, especially if it is the system disk.  Any ideas?  Right now I am running Retrospect 17.5 on Windows 10 Pro v2004.  The message looks like this:

        Backing up 16 out of 25 files using block level incremental backup, storing full backups for remaining 9.
        10/1/2020 4:36:08 AM: Copying: 9,347 files (53.1 GB) and 0 hard links
        Trouble reading files, error -1104 (device not ready)
        [*] --ERR-- (12504) BackupReadCloseAsync: err=-1104


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Is this the same setup as your other post? If so, I suggest you work on one problem at a time -- who knows, fixing one may magically fix the other, too. Otherwise, start by looking for patterns -- does this script fail when run at certain times but not at others (eg it'll sometimes fail when the script starts at 4.30am, but never if started at 9.30).

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I think you must only be having this problem when backing up to a disk destination, so it shares that with the problem described in your other thread.  However it's for server as well as client backups, so the commonality may only be in having various funny things—per Nigel Smith—going on with the destination disk.

As to that, take a look at this 2019 Forum post, which I found by clicking the magnifying-glass icon in the Search box on the upper right and typing in "1104" (this time with the double-quotes).  The very-expert-in-Retrospect-Windows Lennart_T diagnosed that OP's problem as being with the source Windows (C:) drive, although the OP produced evidence that the problem went away with a different method of connecting his destination drive to the "backup server"—whose (C:) drive was evidently the source.



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