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ProActive Request for Media question

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I upgraded to last week, then used Munki to push out to all our desktops & laptops Client configured with our public key and the server.txt file to connect to our backup server.  Amazingly, everything worked pretty much as described.

I used the following info to get this working:

Retrospect Client Deployment with Munki  Just add the server.txt to the disk image along with the installer & public key information to get remote clients connected.

Remote Data Protection

How to Set Up Remote Backup

User Guide - Operations - ProactiveAI Backup

Anyway, now I'm seeing media requests from a couple of clients.  I dig into the disk media set (Smaller Backup:Retrospect Data:FT_FD:Retrospect:FT_FD:) where the individual machine backups are stored (JAD-Macintosh HD) and I see "1-JAD-Macintosh HD" which has a large number of .rdb files.  But for the clients that are requesting media, their folder existed in the structure noted above, but from within Retrospect I can only get to Smaller Backup:Retrospect Data:FT_FD:Retrospect.  The folders below that "Retrospect" folder are not visible in the console navigation.

Has anyone seen this and how does one solve it?




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(1) Are you using a Storage Group as the destination for your Proactive script?  I'm not recommending it; the reason I ask is that the Retrospect Mac 16.6 GUI for Storage Groups is really half-baked, and there's no indication that the GUI has been improved even in Retrospect Mac 17.0.1—which was released on 1 May.

(2) Otherwise your OP sounds as if you've got a problem with the hierarchical structure of your destination disk drive.  The the hierarchy you list has two "FT_TD" folders at different levels of the hierarchy, one above the "Retrospect" folder and one inside it.  Maybe that's getting the Console confused.  My practice is to let Retrospect create a "Retrospect" folder at the top level on the destination disk, and let it create folders for the individual Media Sets underneath that.  But then I've got a simpleminded home installation.  Do you have more than one "Retrospect" folder on your destination disk drive?

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On 5/8/2020 at 3:13 PM, j.a.duke said:

The folders below that "Retrospect" folder are not visible in the console navigation.

Retrospect makes a "Retrospect" directory on the media you select as a target -- any backups go in there, and RS manages folder structure etc., which is why it doesn't show you more in the console.

So for the new media destination just select the directory containing the "Retrospect" folder, RS will use the "Retrospect" folder and create a new folder in there to store the rdb files (probably Smaller Backup:Retrospect Data:FT_FD:Retrospect:FT_FD-1) and you should be good.

And no -- it's not immediately obvious that's how it works. I've quite a few volumes with "Retrospect" folders inside "Retrospect" folders where I've selected the wrong one. But if you think about the expected operation -- you pick a volume to store files on (rather than a sub-directory of a volume) -- and it becomes a little clearer.

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