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QualStar Q24 Tape Library

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Anyone currently using a QualStar Q24 Tape Library for backups? Looking for some real world Pros & Cons. Maybe upgrading our old HP Ultrium3 tape drive to a QualStar Q24 2U 24-slot LTO-8 system. It is not currently listed in the Hardware Compatibility List, but have been assured by QualStar and Retrospect that it is compatible. Any information will be much appreciated. 


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Almost all the Forums posts for Qualstar have to do with AIT drives, and are quite old.  How about telling Qualstar "put your money where your mouth is", meaning guarantee in writing to refund what you paid for the Q24—and at least a couple of LTO-8 tapes—if it doesn't work with Retrospect for a 90-day trial period?

BTW, you haven't stated either your version of Retrospect Windows or your version of Windows.  You also haven't stated whether you want to connect your Q24 with SAS or FC.

Also, although I hate to be a nitpicker, your OP doesn't state any Product Suggestions.  You should have created the thread in the Device and Hardware Compatibility-Windows forum.

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