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Stop "catchup" backups after starting Windows 10

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On 1/23/2020 at 6:05 AM, Nigel Smith said:

Or, since he knows the the time the script needs to run, he could use Windows Task Scheduler to launch RS when appropriate.

Or even, if his BIOS supports it and he doesn't mind the security implications: set the PC to boot at a certain time and auto-login, set Windows Task Scheduler to fire up RS, use script hooks to to monitor and shut down both PCs when complete!

These are computers -- we should be getting them to do things, instead of having to remember to do them ourselves! 😉 

I briefly considered Windows Task Scheduler, but thought rbratton might not be knowledgeable enough about it—which was stupid of me since he/she is a software developer.  In a prior thread NoelC wondered why the Retrospect developers hadn't included "easy integration with Windows Task Scheduler just by setting the right options in the Retrospect UI"; my answer in a post in that thread—whose first paragraph links to an article describing how to use that modern Windows facility—was that doing so would have seemed a bit premature in 2013.  Maybe rbratton should write a Support Case for such a product enhancement—per this boilerplate post, for Retrospect engineering to implement assuming Retrospect Launcher will disappear in Retrospect Windows 17.

If rbratton chooses to setup a Windows Task Scheduler task that launches Retrospect early Sunday or Monday mornings, he/she should simply pre-write unscheduled Retrospect Backup scripts —so that he/she can Run them in my predicted Retrospect Windows 17 R.-Mac-like GUI after having worked on a Saturday or Sunday.  That would ensure that there are no Retrospect tasks to cancel later on Mondays.  He/she can test this currently with run documents.

Here's a Knowledge Base article on writing Retrospect script hooks, in case rbratton chooses to follow the suggestion in Nigel Smith's second paragraph.  AFAICT script hooks automatically apply to all Retrospect scripts—meaning running any script while Nigel-hooked would end with a machine shutdown.

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In third paragraph, script hooks would mean running _any_ script while Nigel-hooked would end with a machine shutdown

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