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Retrospect 16.5.1 hangs at "Preparing to execute"

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Installed the upgrade to 16.5.1 a couple of days ago. Since then Retrospect has not auto-launched. So I fired it up manually while ago and added the missed executions. The first one started, said "Preparing to execute", and then.... nothing. It never proceeded to "Preparing for Open File Backup" or anything. Didn't crash, just didn't do anything. I restarted it, readded the executions, etc. Same thing.

I reverted to 16.1.2 and it's working normally.

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I'm a Retrospect Mac administrator, and I'm still on 16.1.

Here's why and how to file a Support Case.  If you bought (or upgraded, I think) Retrospect within the last 45 days, you're entitled to free personalized help from Retrospect Tech Support.

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