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Using Retrospect with Catalina volume structures

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Now that Catalina is out, I understand the installation creates separate volumes for system files and other data. If I am correct, these volumes are connected as members of a Group, within an APFS Container. The System volume is read-only.

I have questions about how Retrospect 16.5 will function with this new scheme.

Backing up

Since these are 2 volumes (appearing as one to the user), will selecting Macintosh HD as the backup source include all System and Data files?


Secondly, I wonder if and how Retrospect can completely restore a Catalina installation. More specifically:

1. If the restore is being made to a completely empty drive, will Retrospect create the necessary "read-only" System and "read/write" Data volumes and restore the appropriate data to each volume? Will it also create a Recovery partition?

2. If the restore is being made over an existing Catalina installation, is Retrospect able to restore system files to the "read-only" System volume?

Thanks for any information you can offer!

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See "Version 16.5 Required" in this Knowledge Base article, and the macOS Mojave – Application Data Privacy KB article it links to.  However I don't think those will answer your all questions; you'd better phone Retrospect Tech Support, and please post what you've found out—including when the august Documentation Committee is going to update that first KB article.

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Thanks for the links. I submitted a support ticket with my question and I'll post what I find out from Tech Support.

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Here is the response from Support:



Just like in the finder, you only really see one volume.  You will back up the Macintosh HD and Retrospect will handle the rest. Please make sure you have reviewed the Catalina support document at https://www.retrospect.com/en/support/kb/macos_catalina_support
Restores are a lot more complicated and it isn't possible to perform a single restore operation for the complete Macintosh HD.  We are working on a detailed document providing directions for doing a Catalina Disaster Recovery operation.   The directions do involve reinstalling the Mac OS and restoring the User's folder over the installed operating system. 



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