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All my backup sets are gone! (humorous, all's well that ends well)

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So following Lennart's suggestion in message #2 of this thread Massive number of "bad backup set header" messages

I started to verify all the datasets on my 2019 backup volume.  Retrospect could not find any of them.  😱    But that was because I was trying to verify 2019 datasets on my 2018 backup volume.  Here is what happened.  I always use Drive G for the Retrospect backup volume.  If I need to retrieve files from a different year, I install that drive into my system (via docking station), and then use Minitool Partition Wizard to change Drive G to that other year's backup volume.  Works very well, but this time I forgot to switch Drive G back to my 2019 backup volume before doing the dataset verification. 

Ooops. 😅



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