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.mkv files and backups in Retrospect v.16

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I am running a ProactiveAI backup on a MacBook Pro (no parallels installed) and specifically selected in Rules: "User Files and Settings except movies and music." I started this backup at noon and it is backing up .mkv movie files! After waiting a few hours I stopped the backup because the user is leaving the office for the day. Is there another trick to tell Retrospect NOT to backup the .mkv files??

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Here's a Retrospect 8 Forum thread from early  2011 that discusses this problem.  IIRC Retrospect Mac 9 wasn't released until late in 2011.

A key question is whether your user's .mkv files have the .mkv extension on the name of the file.  If not you've got a problem, unless you restrict what is scanned via Favorite Folders etc. as later posts in that thread suggest.

BTW, this "Retrospect Mac bug reports" forum is no longer routinely looked at by anyone from Tech Support, so you might as well have posted your problem in the parent "Retrospect 9 or higher for Macintosh" forum.  Besides, it seems the problem isn't a Retrospect bug so much as a Retrospect limitation—it can't tell the type of a file that doesn't have an extension on its name.

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