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Retrospect can't find disk backup members on NAS

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Since installing 16.1.2, I haven't been able to do backups to disk media sets on a NAS. Now, when the backup wants to start writing to the media set, it goes to Needs media, and when I use Choose Media..., I can navigate down into the top levels of the NAS filesystem, but when I get to the directory that contains the top-level directory of the disk that contains the media set members, I can open and display some directories, but not the Retrospect directory that contains the backup members.

I get similar results when I try to use Verify on the backup set, or to create a new backup set on the NAS.

I can access the directories where the Retrospect stored the media sets in Finder (as myself) and by using U*ix commandline access to list the directories both as myself and when su'd to root (which RetrospectEngine runs as).

This all worked for several years before I upgraded to 16.1.

Anyone have any ideas?

Retrospect for Mac 16.1.2 (102)
MacOS 10.11.6 (Please don't suggest that I upgrade - my Mac is a MacBook Pro 13-inch, Mid 2009, and this is the most recent MacOS version that runs on it)
NAS: SMB shares served from a Fritz!Box 7390 router (yes, it's slow, but it worked until the Retrospect upgrade)

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