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Server Intel CPU requirement

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I sincerely doubt that it wouldn't work on AMD processors, but I'm a Retrospect Mac administrator—and all Macs manufactured since 2006 have Intel processors (before that they had IBM PowerPC or Motorola processors)..

Here's why and how to file a documentation request.

P.S.: Here's the most recent post (from 2014) I could find where the OP says he is running Retrospect on an AMD CPU.  Here's an 8-month-old post where the OP is having the same problem as jgaiche reported in 2014  but is running Retrospect Windows 15.6 on an Intel CPU.  FYI, here's a post from farther down x509's 2018 thread where he recounts Retrospect Tech Support's response to that same problem, which AFAICT will only be resolved for Retrospect Windows administrators by the introduction of the glorious Web-based Management Console.

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Ok, have it in writing.


Agent Response:

AMD is fully compatible. It will work with any 64-bit version of Windows on AMD or Intel.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

Robin Mayoff


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